The Best for Beer. Since 1924.

Company Profile

Our company was first established in 1924  with its main headquarters in Saaz today known as Zatec in the Czech Republic with subsidiaries in Vienna (Austria) Trieste (Italy) and Bratislava (Slovakia). Re-established as Lupex GmbH in 1953 in the Federal Republic of Germany, our company is located in the heart of the German hop production: Au i.d. Hallertau.

The success of Lupex GmbH is largely due to its continuity as a family run business, as well as to the dedication to high standards and the innovative spirit of past and present management. Our employees show motivation and provide outstanding customer services.

Trusted the world over for its reliability and excellence, Lupex GmbH provides hops, as well as all the products and equipment used in the brewing industry. Our international network offers our customers the most advantageous solutions thanks to our experience, efficiency and the fact we are located at the core of hop production.